Finding Grenfell

Tracing the Grenfell Mission in Southern Labrador

Finding Grenfell

Status Note, August 2019 Finding Grenfell interpretive panels are currently under construction and will be installed at a later date. Please check back for updates.

Travel Information

Labrador Coastal Drive

It's easy to add a Finding Grenfell experience to your excursion along Labrador Coastal Drive!

Labrador Coastal Drive is a driving route in southern Labrador between the towns of L'Anse au Clair and Cartwright, a driving distance of some 408 kilometres. It follows route 510 and branch routes 513, 514 and 516 (see the map below).

Route 510 continues beyond Labrador Coastal Drive to the central Labrador town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where it become route 500. This route extends west across the interior of Labrador and links with the road network in the neighbouring province of Quebec.

Travel to Labrador

A drive-on drive-off ferry service connects southern Labrador with Newfoundland. The ferry crosses between St Barbe, Newfoundland and Blanc Sablon, Quebec. Blanc Sablon is just a few minutes drive from L'Anse au Clair and the start of your Labrador Coastal Drive excursion.

Finding Grenfell Locations Map

Finding Grenfell Locations Map


Location of Finding Grenfell interpretive panel with clickable TOWN NAME
Other location of Grenfell activity. A few were Labrador summer stations and are not occupied today.
Other town (existing today).
Image Museum with Grenfell exhibits, outside of Labrador Coastal Drive (more information below).

Get Started!

At L'Anse au Clair stop at the Gateway to Labrador Visitor Centre for an introduction to the Labrador Coastal Drive region. Some of the amazing places to discover include:

At the Visitor Centre you'll find the first Finding Grenfell interpretive panel. Here you may pick up your checklist brochure and continue Finding Grenfell as you tour Labrador Coastal Drive.


Driving distances in kilometres between Finding Grenfell towns

L'Anse au Clair
10 Forteau
24 13 L'Anse au Loup
35 25 11 Capstan Island
75 65 52 41 Red Bay
160 150 136 125 89 Mary's Harbour
218 208 194 183 147 61 St Lewis
209 199 186 175 138 53 53 Port Hope Simpson
408 398 385 374 337 252 252 200 Cartwright

Panel Locations within Towns

Town Panel Title Location
L'Anse au Clair Welcome & Introduction Gateway to Labrador Visitor Centre
Forteau Forteau Nursing Station Forteau Hill roadside pull-off
L'Anse au Loup Summer Schools Lawrence D. O'Brien Town Hall
Capstan Island Agriculture Labrador Pioneer Footpath Trailhead
Red Bay The Red Bay Co-op Parks Canada Boat Dock
Red Bay Industrial Mission Parks Canada Orientation Centre
Mary's Harbour Mary's Harbour Battle Harbour Ferry Terminal
St. Lewis People of the Mission Loder's Point Museum
Port Hope Simpson Summer Stations Museum, 87 Bowater Ave
Cartwright Cartwright Cartwright Museum, 4 Back Rd

Mueums with Grenfell Exhibits, Outside of Labrador Coastal Drive

It is important to note that there are significant museum exhibits about the Grenfell Mission outside of the Labrador Coastal Drive region. These exhibits are a must-see for travellers interested in the story of Wilfred Grenfell and the Grenfell Mission.

St Anthony - Grenfell Historic Properties

Grenfell Historic Properties at St Anthony, Newfoundland includes the Grenfell Interpretation Centre, the Grenfell House Museum and Grenfell Handicrafts. St Anthony was the primary base of operations for the Grenfell Mission in Newfoundland & Labrador.

North West River - Labrador Heritage Museum

The Labrador Heritage Museum at North West River, Labrador features an exhibit about the Grenfell Mission. This museum is operated by the Labrador Heritage Society.

Finding Grenfell